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From past August the 8th of 2015 very important novelties on inheritance and donation tax have been passed by the Local Government of the Region of Murcia.

Inheritance tax

Tax benefit of 50% of the final quote to pay for closest relatives

This tax benefit of 50% on the final quote is passed for those closest relatives aged 21 years old or older (spouses, descendants and ascendants)

Reduction for the acquisition of cash or real estate goods bound to the constitution or acquisition of a business or professional venture or purchase of shares on entities.

The reduction of 99% in the acquisition of cash or real estate goods through inheritance is widen with the aims above described and also for the DEVELOPMENT of the pre-existed business and also is eliminated the limit of 300.000 € of base over the reduction could be enforced.

Reduction for the acquisition of an agriculture exploitation

The term you had to maintain the exploitation inherited with the 99% of reduction of its value had to be 10 years. After the reform this term of maintenance is just of 5 years.

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