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We inform you about the novelties about forms 303 for VAT to submit this last term of year 2015 and form 390 and who are obliged to fill it in or not during the next month of January 2015, and about some novelties about the payment of the VAT of importation of goods.

390 and newy 303

First of all, there will not be obligation to submit the form 390 those who pay their VAT on three months basis and will pay their VAT on the simplified system and/or hire urban real estate goods.

In exchange, page 3 of VAT form changes substantially and in it, you will have to display in the fourth term of the year all the annual information that used to be displayed on page 6 of form 390 that now you don´t have to submit.

IMPORTANT: if the activity would cease during the year and therefore there wouldn´t be obligation to submit the last term of VAT form 303 then you are obliged to submit form 390.

Importation VAT for year 2015

Those entrepreneurs that pay their VAT on monthly basis, can choose to defer the payment of the VAT for importation of goods and aggregate that amount to their month VAT declaration (a new box has been included to display this information on new forms 303).

This choice has to be communicated to the Tax Office before January the 31st of 2015

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