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The Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia has announced a subsidy to help people younger than 30 years old, who are already enrolled, on a previous basis, in the Garantía Juvenil’ program (Youth Guarantee Program) as well as to long-term unemployed people that hold a personal labour agreement with the public employment service or any collaborating entity, to develop an economic self-employment activity within the Region of Murcia as long as this action leads to the obligation of registration Special Scheme for Freelance Workers.

This subsidy is structured in two subprograms, which are as follows:

  • Subprogram 1: establishment on one’s own account. Regarding to the eligible amount, it will be € 2,000 if the beneficiary is male and € 2,500 in the case of women.
  • Subprogram 2: payment of social security contributions of the Special Scheme for Freelance Workers.

To access this subprogram it will be necessary to have accrued a minimum of three consecutive paid fees to social security.

The beneficiary will be liable to maintain the uninterrupted economic activity and to register in the special regime of self-employed workers for a minimum period of time of two years.

The deadline for submitting applications will be extended until October 15, 2018.

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