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From Serveco, in our search of expanding our services’ offer, we have the pleasure to announce our incorporation in INPACT INTERNATIONAL.

INPACT is a network of 140 tax consultancy firms that covers up to 67 countries in the world. So thanks to this association, whenever you demand legal, labour or tax advice in an EU country or out of it, in any of the countries of your operational area, we will be able to refer you to another tax consultancy firm that, as Serveco, has been through a thorough quality examination and that works with recognized professionals that, at least, will speak enough English to be capable of communicate directly with you or through us and all of this will be developed in a fast and simple way without the uncertainties that are typical in the searching of a tax consultancy firm or a law firm through Internet.

For all these reasons, in case that you have any international doubts on the carpet that don’t get solved due to the uncertainty of having to search advise in a foreign country, we definitely encourage you to contact us because we will be able to help you providing contrasted qualification’s professionals, thanks to this association to which we are now proud to belong.

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