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As a consequence of the approval of the Law of General State Budgets for 2018, we proceed to detail a series of fiscal changes that have just been approved.

Personal Income Tax

Deduction for maternity

The deduction for maternity of € 100 per month can be increased by up to € 83.33 from those taxpayers (who will usually be women) that justify day-care expenses for their under 3 years-old-children. These expenses must relate to full monthly payments to nursery services. THIS INCREASE CAN NOT BE REQUESTED ANTICIPATELY MONTH BY MONTH, but must be requested at the time of filling the annual tax return form.

We must also indicate that if the child reached three years of age in January and did not enter school until September of that same year, although there would be no right to collect the € 100 monthly maternity (as the child would be over 3 years old) you would have the right to collect these € 83.33 (with the annual limit of € 1,000) until the child enters the second cycle of early childhood education.

Deduction for large family

A new assumption has been introduced and consists of a deposit of € 50 per month that will be added (for having each additional descendant) to the minimum that is necessary to obtain the recognition as a general or a special large family. For example:

  • If the general family consists of three children, the fourth child generates an increase of € 50 per month
  • If the special large family consists of five children then the sixth child generates an increase of € 50 per month.

In this year 2018 this deduction will apply from the month of August onwards, even if you take the choice to wait to submit the annual tax return form and apply for everything at once.

Deduction for a dependent spouse with a disability

This new deduction is created for the spouse who is not legally separated and that has a disability, provided that they do not have annual rents above € 8.000 and do not generate incomes because of this same right in another family member as a consequence of their disability. The amount of the deduction is € 100 per month.

For the calculation of the disable spouse’s incomes the penultimate year income is the one that will be taken into account. In other words, in order to know if you have the right to this financial aid in 2018, you first need to take a look at the incomes of the disabled spouse for 2016. In 2019 the incomes of 2017 will need to be taken into account, and so on.

In this year 2018 this deduction applies as from August, even if you choose to wait for the annual incomes and apply for it all at once.

Tax for lottery prizes

The exemption of only €2.500 that was applicable for the lottery prizes has gradually increased so that:

  • In 2018 and from the 6th of July of 2018, prizes equal to or less than € 10,000 will be exempt.
  • In the year 2019, prizes equal to or less than € 20,000 will be exempt
  • As of the year 2020, prizes equal to or less than € 40,000 will be exempt

Whatever exceeds, according to relevant year will be taxed at the rate of 20%.

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