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Mortgate loan expenses and banking commissions

As you are already aware from the widespread media reports about this matter, the Supreme Court has ruled that the tax subject to Documented Legal Acts (AJD) is the client-borrower and not the financial entity. Subsequently, the Government has passed a Royal...

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2018 Tax changes in the Law of General Budgets of the State

As a consequence of the approval of the Law of General State Budgets for 2018, we proceed to detail a series of fiscal changes that have just been approved. Personal Income Tax Deduction for maternity The deduction for maternity of € 100 per month can be increased by...

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Incorporation in Inpact International network

From Serveco, in our search of expanding our services’ offer, we have the pleasure to announce our incorporation in INPACT INTERNATIONAL. INPACT is a network of 140 tax consultancy firms that covers up to 67 countries in the world. So thanks to this association,...

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Subsides promoting self-employemen. Zero Cuota

The Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia has announced a subsidy to help people younger than 30 years old, who are already enrolled, on a previous basis, in the Garantía Juvenil’ program (Youth Guarantee Program) as well as to long-term unemployed people that...

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Electronic notifications from the Tax Office

With the arrival of summer time, we remind you that if you are obliged to receive compulsory electronic notifications from the Tax office, you have the possibility to request from the Tax Office what days you don´t want to receive any from it. For that you should go...

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Declaration of assets abroad

The object of the this letter is to inform you again about the form called 720, by which people and companies that are resident in Spain have to declare their assets abroad. The form 720 will be submitted every year between January the 1st and March the 31st of the...

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Bounced bills and special regime of cash VAT.

What happens if being in the special regimen of cash VAT, I set a direct debit on a client´s bank account and later on the client bounces back the bill? As it is well known, on the special regimen of cash VAT, the VAT is not due until the client pays the invoice or...

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